We understand that your first visit can be an overwhelming experience. Below you will find information for what you can expect on your first visit. We hope this can ease any unnecessary stress so that your visit is comfortable and worry-free.

ProActive Spine & Joint strives to provide the most effective and thorough treatment of muscle and joint pain.  Our office uses chiropractic, functional rehabilitation, and advanced physiotherapies to help our patients overcome pain and dysfunction.

Dr. Galbraith and Dr. Schwieterman use their expertise to fully examine the individual and develop the proper treatment plan to solve the problem.

Feel free to go over the information below on your own, otherwise we are happy to go through it with you at the time of your visit.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 260.927.0581 or send us an email.


Our first objective is to help reduce pain so that you are feeling better as soon as possible.

Each treatment plan is designed specific to the patients needs.

Often patients will report significant improvement within the first 2-3 treatments.


Once the muscles and tissues heal more completely, it is time to begin mobility/stability rehabilitation.

Dr. Galbraith and Dr. Schwieterman utilize in office and at home exercises for every patient.  Functional rehabilitation is a high priority at ProActive.

Dr. Galbraith and Dr. Schwieterman will recommend a treatment plan for each patient that works best for them. This will help keep your spine stable and help maintain proper function.


Once your body is fully healed, you can still receive chiropractic care if you choose.

This will help maintain proper joint function and help avoid further problems.

Also during this time, Dr. Galbraith and Dr. Schwieterman will recommend weekly functional exercises to help strengthen and maintain the spine to prevent future and reoccurring injuries.


  • Patient Forms:
    These are located on our website or at our office.  These provide us with information about your health, history, and current condition.
  • Consultation:
    You will meet with Dr. Galbraith or Dr. Schwieterman so that they can learn more about you and your conditions.  This is a great opportunity for you to discuss your health-related problems and concerns along with understanding the expectations in order to meet your goal.
  • Examination:
    After the consultation, Dr. Galbraith or Dr. Schwieterman will perform a complete chiropractic examination. This will included testing of reflexes and flexibility along with other neurological and orthopedic tests.  They will also assess posture, the spine, joint movement, and muscle strength.
  • X-Rays:
    If necessary, Dr. Galbraith or Dr. Schwieterman will also order X-Rays.  These are used to locate any dysfunction and help us develop the most effective treatment for you.
  • Treatment:
    Once everything is completed, Dr. Galbraith or Dr. Schwieterman will recommend a treatment plan based on their reports.  Some times this includes treatment that we do not offer, which Dr. Galbraith or Dr. Schwieterman will help send you in the right direction.
    No treatment will begin until you understand and agree with his recommendations.


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