Every week I get a patient in the office that deals with restless leg syndrome or chronic muscle cramps. Most of the time they have been dealing with it for years; when often the solution is so very simple.

If you are dealing with either of these problems I would encourage you to try supplementing with magnesium.

Usually around 400-600 mg a day will solve the problem. I would also recommend increasing water intake if you are lacking in that department; and most people are. I am often amazed how little water most people consume on a daily basis. There are many factors that contribute to how much water a person should drink. I generally shoot for half my body weight in ounces. This recommendation would not be suitable for everyone, but in my opinion it is a good goal to work towards for a healthy, active individual.

By increasing your water intake and adding magnesium you will drastically reduce your chances of suffering from restless leg syndrome and muscle cramps.
When adding magnesium to your diet there is a possibility of loosening of the stool or an upset stomach. This is because magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant, and when the muscles of the digestive tract are relaxed it causes changes in the stools. If this is the case for you just reduce the amount you are taking until the stools normalize.